Today our client list shows all households that the user has access to. Advisors will typically do planning for both clients and prospects but currently advisors have the hard time to find their clients.


We would like to give Advisors the ability to filter by all vs clients vs prospects.

My contribution

User research Product design Prototype

The team

1 × product manager 1 × product designer 1 × engineers




Migrate to new design system ( Orion Product Language)

When I was working on this design project, I encountered an ambiguous situation where the reason for 2 ways of searching clients. I conducted interviews with Product Manager to gather information on the goal of this project and suggested potential inputs our team can provide to help them address their current challenges. After gathering information from the team, I shared my user flow and low wifi wireframe to proposed a tentative structure of our deliverable to the Product Manager M and project lead to ensure that I was on the right track. After clarifying the objective and direction, I then reached out to the subject matter experts who had e xperience with similar projects in the past and asked them for the advice and input.


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