About Me

I'm Carmen Wong- a product designer with 3+ years of experience. I am a UX Stalker creating delightful human-centered products.

Before finding Product Design, I have a total of 8 years of consumer facing digital experiences in advertising agencies.

Currently based in New York, USA🗽.
Credit card mockups

Something About Me

🐶 Pawrenting a 3- years-old Shiba Inu girl called Ddabong (means THE BEST)

🏕 Camping , road trip with my dog

⚽ Die-hard fans of Manchester United for 18 years

📺 Huge fans of K-pop, k-dramas and variety shows


Orion Advisor Tech

Product Designer II, remote

August 2019–current

Advizr (acquired by Orion in 2019)

UI Designer

May 2019–August 2019

Diamond Hedge

UX Consultant

November 2018–August 2019


UX Consultant

March 2018–Novemeber 2018


End-to-end product design

Interface design

User experience design

User research

Usability testing

Mobile Design system

Web & mobile app